Eco Policy

DIY Party World Eco Policy

We want to make the most of every celebration we have have the opportunity to share with our friends, families and colleagues. We can party like rockstars (maybe minus the private jets) and still take care of our environment for today and for future generations. By using the digital products we provide, you are making a great decision for and eco friendlier future as outlined in our ECO Policy below:


  • Eliminate the production of products that may never be used. All of our products only come into existence when you decide you want to use them. There is no production of products that may never sell, so no raw materials are wasted and no products sent to landfill when they are not sold.
  • Eliminate the use of fuel to transport products around the world to retail outlets.
  • Eliminate the use of packaging materials as there is no individual packaging or bulk packaging required to transport products.


  • We aim to contribute to the improvement of the current environmental situation we are in.
  • Initially, we are going to contribute to a tree planting programme.
  • We will donate 1 tree for every 50 orders.
  • We will aim to reduce this ratio over time but as a small business, this is what we can commit to for today. We will from time to time plant some extra trees too! We want to plant a forest (for starters!).
  • We will also commit to seeking other opportunities to contribute to an Eco Friendlier Future.


  • We are commited to optimising our internal processes and prodedures to ensure that we minimise the resources we use as a business. For now, as a small business we understand that the impact will be small but we hope to maintain this philosophy as we grow in order to ensure that we never use more resources that we must to conduct our business.